INCA 283 History of Aboriginal Media in Canada

Indian Communication Arts (INCA)

Assignment #5 – APTN show research

Each student will select a program on APTN (which must be approved by the instructor) and research the program in order to complete a 750-word review and a 10-minute presentation in class.  Presentation must include a clip or trailer of the show.  Report should include a brief synopsis of the show, history of the show, production information, and what you think makes this a show suitable for the APTN audience.

/15 marks


Suggested structure of your review

Introduction – Background and thesis

Thesis: This show belongs/does not belong on APTN because…
(This requires that you find and cite the APTN programming mandate.)

Methodology – how did you do your research?


  • What is the “premise” of the show? (If you had to explain it to someone in two or three sentences, what would you say?)

Analysis – refer back to thesis




Resource: How to write TV show reviews: A few tips by Abe, Yahoo! Contributor Network at

Must-watch TV: Mohawk Girls debuts on APTN by Rick Harp (article and trailer):


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