INCA 283 History of Aboriginal Media in Canada

Indian Communication Arts (INCA)

Assignment #2 Grading Matrix

Assignment #2 Marking Matrix

Marking Matrix for INCA 283 Assignment #2 – Research and Aboriginal Media Organization

Student name.number: __________________________________________________________________________

Written Report/10

Spelling, punctuation, grammar – Perfect
Spelling, punctuation, grammar – Acceptable
Cover page attractive and shows you are proud of your work
References are complete and citation style is consistent
Background research provides adequate information and context
Methodology section describes the research process, including details of the interview
Findings section includes at least  10 pieces of information that were discovered in research
Analysis section is descriptive only
Analysis section includes different types of analysis (narrative, comparison, SWOT and/or cause and effect)
Conclusion summarizes report and future implications

Multimedia Presentation/10

PowerPoint design is appropriate for the subject (colour, tone)
PowerPoint slides contain no more than 50 words
PowerPoint slides all contain images that related to information being provided
PowerPoint includes interesting “hook”
PowerPoint gives structure to the  presentation (hook, intro, body, conclusion, call to action)
Presenters uses voice well – clear, audible, every word understandable
Presenters body language is open and engaging
Presenter looks professional
Presenter connects to their audience, by referencing their interests or need to know
PowerPoint and Presentation are well-coordinated and support each other

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