INCA 283 History of Aboriginal Media in Canada

Indian Communication Arts (INCA)

Monday, January 20

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Announcements: Carmen Robertson will be here February 3 so Seeing Red presentations will be on that day, not next week

Assignments: Media Survey due; Interview research for media person/owner/publisher

Reading for next week: “Speaking and Hearing: Aboriginal Newspapers and the Public Sphere in Canada and Australia” by Shannon Avison and Michael Meadows at


  1. Watch INCA Inspired from Shannon Avison on Vimeo.
  2. Seeing Red assignment for next week – each student to pick a chapter and be ready to present its main points next week
  • Introduction is available online – Click here
  • My copy is at FNUniv Library on reserve (available for 2.5 hours)
  1. Early publications – in-class exercise  Early Aboriginal_Newspapers_Survey


3. Exercise – Survey of Aboriginal media – Each student pick your top most interesting…

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 5.09.20 PM

4. Strategies for completing Assignment #2 – Interview research re: Aboriginal media organization

  • Each student will select a different Aboriginal media organization, complete background research on the organization and then conduct an interview with a representative of that organization. In a 750-word report, students will introduce their research subject (including a brief description of the organizations history), provide a description of their research methodology, present their findings and an analysis of their findings.   Each student will also deliver a 10-minute multimedia enhanced presentation on their subject and organization in class on the day the assignment is due.
  • /20 marks – 1,000 word report/10 and multimedia presentation/10
  • Assignment due Monday, February

Video: Reel Injun by Neil Diamond, NFB, 2010

Part 2 – Reel Injun: On the trail of the Hollywood Indian




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